Cem Flex Solid Masonry Connector


Originally developed in conjunction with British Rail, the Cem Flex method of pinning delaminated rings in masonry arches has now become widely accepted as a simple and economic solution.

Cem Flex ties are also used in standard construction repair techniques for bonding across cracks in masonry and as a restraint for bowing solid walls.

The 8mm diameter austenitic Grade 304 stainless steel helical reinforcing rod is combined with Bond Flex XL, a unique formula of pumpable, but thixotropic, non-shrink cementitious grout.

As the installation of Cem Flex is via a 12 to 16mm diameter drilled hole, the potential disfiguration to the structure can be minimised, and the installation time is greatly reduced - this is especially important where access and working times are restricted.