BF·04 Reconnecting Internal and External Solid Walls

Diagram of Method Statement

Method Statement

  1. Rake out or cut slots into horizontal mortar joint to specified depth and at required vertical spacings. Use power/hand chisel to continue slots up to internal corner
  2. Vacuum out the slots and thoroughly flush with water
  3. Where slots ends at internal corner drill 10mm hole into the adjoining wall as shown
  4. Vacuum out the hole to remove all dust and debris
  5. Cut a piece of Bar Flex to the required length and bend the end to fit into the hole as shown
  6. Fill the hole with Resin and insert the bent end of the Bar Flex reinforcement fully into the resin. Position the remainder of the rod in the slot
  7. Allow the resin to gel (normally 15 to 20 minutes). Gently ease the Bar Flex out of the slot and insert a bead of Bond Flex cementitious grout into the back of the slot
  8. Push the Bar Flex reinforcement into the grout to obtain good coverage
  9. Insert a bead of Bond Flex cementitious grout over the exposed rod and iron into the slot using the finger trowel
  1. Depth of slot to be 25 to 35mm into masonry (i.e. not including plaster etc.)
  2. Vertical spacing of the Bar Flex to be 450mm and the Bar Flex to extend at least 500mm beyond any cracks


Bar Flex (6mm) Water Bond Flex (Mixed)


Grinder Pointing Gun Vacuum Finger Trowel Power Drill

Safety Equipment

Hearing Protection Gloves Eye Protection Dust Mask

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