BF·01 Crack Stitching

Diagram of Method Statement

Method Statement

  1. Cut a slot into horizontal mortar joint using a wall chaser[a][b][c][d][e]
  2. Clean slot with vacuum and thoroughly flush with water
  3. Insert a bead of Bond Flex into the back of the slot using a Bond Flex gun kit
  4. Push the Bar Flex into the Bond Flex at the back of the slot
  5. Insert a bead of Bond Flex over the exposed Bar Flex and iron into the slot using a finger trowel
  6. Point or fill the joint and leave ready for any decoration.
  7. Repeat 1-6 for other required stitches[c]
  1. Depth of slot is between 25 mm and 35 mm
  2. Bar Flex to be installed a minimum of 500 mm each side of the crack
  3. Vertical spacing of crack stitches is 450 mm (6 brick courses).
  4. Where a crack is within 500 mm of the end of a wall (as in A above), continue Bar Flex for at least 100 mm around the corner and fix into the adjoining wall.
  5. Where a crack is within 500 mm of an opening (as in B above), bend Bar Flex back and fix into the reveal.


Bar Flex (6mm) Water Bond Flex (Mixed)


Grinder Pointing Gun Vacuum Finger Trowel

Safety Equipment

Hearing Protection Gloves Eye Protection Dust Mask

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