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Our How To... documents, or Standard Details, have been guiding installers on our solutions for over 20 years. Often, it is these solutions that form the basis for the bespoke specification that we can provide for your structural problem.

CodeHow To...
CF01 Fixing Delaminating or Separating Masonry
CF02 Reconnecting a Crack in a Solid Wall Junction
CF03 Reconnecting an Internal Wall to an External Wall
CF04 Cross Stitching in Solid Walls
CF05 Repairing Failed Soldier Course Lintels
CF06 Repairing Cracks near the Corners of Solid Walls
CF07 Repairing Cracks near the Corners of Cavity Walls
CF08 Repairing Failed Brick Arch Lintels
CF09 Securing Straight Parapet Walls
CF10 Securing Curved Parapet Walls
CF11 Securing Parapets in Cavity Walls
CF12 Repairing Bay Windows
CF13 Repairing Brick Arch Structures
CF14 Repairing Brick Arch Structures
CF15 Repairing Brick Arch Structure - Brick Replacement
CF16 Repairing Brick Arch Structures (Spandrel Pinning)
CF17 Repairing Brick Faced Stone Walls (Through Face)
CF18 Repairing Brick Faced Stone Walls (Hidden Fix)
CF19 Repairing Stone Faced Stone Walls (Through Face)
CF20 Repairing Stone Faced Stone Walls (Hidden Fix)
CF21 Repairing Brick Quoins on Stone Walls
CF22 Repairing Stone Quoins on Stone Walls
CF23 Repairing Cracks Near Corners (Random Stone Walls)
CF24 Reconnecting Random Stone Walls
CF25 Strengthening Random Stone Walls (Beaming Ties)
CF26 Repairing Stone Arch Structures (Spandrel Pinning)
CF27 Reconnecting Random Stone Walls (Barrel Pinning)

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