Conservatory Foundations (Netherlands)

Target was asked by Bouwbedrif Lubbers (Lubbers Construction) to solve the foundation problems on a newly built conservatory. This beautiful house was built by Mr. Lubbers a few years ago, and more recently the conservatory was added in the style of the existing building.

For the initial extension, bored piles were used, which were probably installed slightly too deep and ended up bearing on a thin layer of sand. This, coupled with recent fracking in the local area, was probably the cause for the slight movement that had been detected. Mr. Lubbers decided to have this resolved before there was any further damage caused.

As the house had a landscaped garden with a raised terrace, Mr. Lubbers was looking for a system that gave minimal disruption to the surrounding gardens. Target Fixings' Heli Pile system fitted this specification perfectly.

In addition to the cleanliness of this repair method, each Heli Pile could be proof tested individually. After the Heli Pile system was installed at both corners of the conservatory, it achieved tension loads in excess of three tonnes per Heli Pile point at a depth of just 2 metres. As a result, the Heli Pile system was more than adequate as a compliment to the existing foundations.

The existing piles have now been cut away from the building by Lubbers Construction, leaving Heli Pile to create a durable solid construction.

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